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Affenpinschers (50)
Akitas (79)
Alaskan Malamutes (39)
Australian Shepherds (6)
Basenjis (1)
Basset Hounds (55)
Beagles (100)
Bearded Collies (9)
Bedlington Terriers (29)
Belgian Shepherd Dogs - Groenendael (2)
Belgian Shepherd Dogs - Malinois (3)
Bernese Mountain Dogs (3)
Bichon Frises (124)
Bloodhounds (2)
Bologneses (6)
Border Collies (194)
Border Terriers (69)
Boston Terriers (34)
Boxers (116)
Briards (2)
Brittanys (11)
Bull Terriers (117)
Bull Terriers - Miniature (1)
Bulldogs (192)
Bullmastiffs (15)
Cairn Terriers (18)
Caucasian Ovcharkas (2)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (209)
Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (3)
Chihuahuas - Long Coat (49)
Chihuahuas - Smooth Coat (152)
Chinese Cresteds (16)
Chow Chows (2)
Cocadors (19)
Collies - Rough (10)
Collies - Smooth (8)
Coton De Tulears (2)
Dachshunds - Long-Haired (7)
Dachshunds - Miniature Long-Haired (18)
Dachshunds - Miniature Smooth-Haired (45)
Dachshunds - Miniature Wire-Haired (1)
Dachshunds - Smooth-Haired (29)
Dachshunds - Wire-Haired (10)
Dalmatians (60)
Dobermanns (24)
Dogue de Bordeauxs (76)
English Toy Terriers - Black and Tan (1)
Fox Terriers - Wire (10)
French Bulldogs (23)
German Longhaired Pointers (1)
German Shepherd Dogs - Alsatians (285)
German Shorthaired Pointers (33)
German Spitzs - Klein (3)
German Wirehaired Pointers (6)
Giant Schnauzers (1)
Gordon Setters (1)
Great Danes (12)
Griffon Bruxellois (4)
Havaneses (3)
Hungarian Vizslas (10)
Hungarian Wire Haired Vizslas (1)
Irish Setters (2)
Irish Staffords (3)
Irish Terriers (2)
Irish Wolfhounds (2)
Italian Spinones (1)
Jack Russell Terriers (362)
Jack-A-Doodles (4)
Jackaliers (2)
Japanese Akita Inus (2)
Japanese Shiba Inus (2)
Kerry Blue Terriers (3)
King Charles Spaniels (4)
Korthals Griffons (3)
Labradoodles (152)
Lakeland Terriers (21)
Lancashire Heelers (1)
Leonbergers (1)
Lhasa Apsos (82)
Lurchers (74)
Malteses (88)
Manchester Terriers (1)
Mastiffs (9)
Miniature Pinschers (6)
Miniature Schnauzers (69)
Neapolitan Mastiffs (1)
Newfoundlands (6)
Norfolk Terriers (7)
Northern Inuits (7)
Norwegian Elkhounds (1)
Norwich Terriers (1)
Old English Sheepdogs (3)
Other Breeds (9)
Papillons (6)
Parson Russell Terriers (4)
Patterdale Terriers (60)
Pekingeses (11)
Pit Bulls (28)
Plummer Terriers (9)
Pointers (11)
Pomeranians (64)
Poodles - Miniature (33)
Poodles - Standard (20)
Poodles - Toy (65)
Presa Canarios (3)
Puggles (17)
Pugs (174)
Pyrenean Mountain Dogs (5)
Retrievers - Flat Coated (4)
Retrievers - Golden (57)
Retrievers - Labrador (399)
Retrievers - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling (2)
Rhodesian Ridgebacks (12)
Rottweilers (68)
Salukis (5)
Samoyeds (2)
Schnauzers (29)
Scottish Terriers (24)
Shar-Peis (116)
Shetland Sheepdogs (9)
Shih Tzus (299)
Shugs (1)
Siberian Huskies (118)
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers (1)
Spaniels - American Cocker (5)
Spaniels - Clumber (6)
Spaniels - Cocker (510)
Spaniels - English Springer (225)
Spaniels - Field (3)
Spaniels - Sprocker (43)
Spaniels - Welsh Springer (1)
Springerdors (5)
St. Bernards (11)
Staffordshire Bull Terriers (213)
Tibetan Terriers (19)
Weimaraners (40)
Welsh Corgis - Pembroke (3)
Welsh Terriers (1)
West Highland White Terriers (97)
Whippets (83)
Yorkipoos (2)
Yorkshire Terriers (239)

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 Larasa  poodles  Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedLarasa poodles
Lhasa apso cross poodle lovely puppies excellent nature very sensible ...
 Miniature Poodle Pups  Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMiniature Poodle Pups
Samba, our miniature cream poodle, has produced a litter of puppies.<...
 Miniature Poodle X Standard Poodle Medium Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMiniature Poodle X Standard Poodle Medium Puppies
I have a lovely mix of miniature poodle x standard poodle puppies tha...
 poodle puppies AA CLEAR Dogs / Puppies For Sale / Wantedpoodle puppies AA CLEAR
AA CLEAR PRCD,PRA PUPPIES RED boys and girls avail -mum viewabl...
 Kc Reg Miniature Poodle Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedKc Reg Miniature Poodle
Mum is our lovely chocolate miniature poodle who is a fantastic famil...
 Young Adult Red Miniature Poodle For Sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedYoung Adult Red Miniature Poodle For Sale
KC reg red miniature poodle, she is nearly 2 years old, microchipped,...
 Miniature poodle puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMiniature poodle puppies
LAST ONE LEFT *** We have a beautiful red miniature pedigree poodle pu...
 Miniature poodle puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMiniature poodle puppies
We have 3 stunning Miniature Poodle girl Puppies looking for a...
 Pedigree,kc Reg Miniature Poodle Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedPedigree,kc Reg Miniature Poodle Puppies
Pedigree KC Reg Miniature Poodle MALE Puppies 1 Light Apric...
 Kc Reg Miniature Poodle Puppies * Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedKc Reg Miniature Poodle Puppies *
My gorgeous miniature poodle has had a beautiful litte...
 Miniature poodle puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMiniature poodle puppies
Only 2 adorable boys left. at the cost of £500. They have been f...
 KC Reg Miniature Poodle Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedKC Reg Miniature Poodle Puppies
KC reg miniature poodle puppies, mixed litter. Worm treated to ...
 Miniature poodle puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMiniature poodle puppies
Only 2 adorable boys left. Puppies are ready Friday at the cost of...
 Stunning Miniature Poodle Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedStunning Miniature Poodle
Adorable miniature RED poodle for sale, he is 9 wks old, h...
 Beautiful Black Kc Miniature Poodle Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedBeautiful Black Kc Miniature Poodle Puppies
Beautiful Black Poodle Puppies Our sweet natured cream ...
 Reduced ready this weekend Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedReduced ready this weekend
Two male miniature poodle puppies 7 weeks old ready for there forever ...
 Stunning Schnoodles Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedStunning Schnoodles
Hi - i have for sale a beautiful litter of Schnoodle puppies -...
 Brown Miniature Poodle Boy Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedBrown Miniature Poodle Boy
Jocker is 5 months old. He is fully vaccinated including Ke...
 Miniature Poodle Pups Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMiniature Poodle Pups
 Black Miniature Poodle Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedBlack Miniature Poodle
Archie is a 4 year black miniature poodle, he is not KC registered bu...
 Miniature Poodle Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMiniature Poodle Puppies
KC Registered. Both parents Optigen DNA clear for PRA and carr...
 Gorgeous Kc Reg Miniature Poodle Puppy Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedGorgeous Kc Reg Miniature Poodle Puppy
Hi my name is Brock, I am a gorgeous tuxedo miniature poodle, ...
 Lovely White/cream Miniature Poodle Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedLovely White/cream Miniature Poodle Puppies
Lovely White/Cream Miniature Poodle puppies ~ 1 dog & 2 bitche...
 Gorgeous Litter Of Miniature Poodle Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedGorgeous Litter Of Miniature Poodle Puppies
These beautiful Puppies are now 7wks old & will be ready to go...
 Rosie Beautiful Miniature Poodle Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedRosie Beautiful Miniature Poodle
This is Rosie, she is 10 months old, and absolutely gorgeous. ...
 Gorgeous Litter Of Miniature Poodle Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedGorgeous Litter Of Miniature Poodle Puppies
We have 5 gorgeous miniature poodle puppies who will be ready ...
 Apricot & Black Parti Min Poodle Puppies Ready Now Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedApricot & Black Parti Min Poodle Puppies Ready Now
3 x gorgeous curlie boy babes in apricot and black n white - Mum cream...
 Pedigree Miniature Poodle Male Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedPedigree Miniature Poodle Male Puppies
Pedigree,KC Reg,Insured. 2 male puppies, 1 dark Apricot/Red & 1 Aprico...
 Apricot Miniature Poodle MALE Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedApricot Miniature Poodle MALE Puppies
Pedigree, KC Reg, Apricot Male Miniature Poodle Puppies. Both parents ...
 MINIATURE POODLE Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedMINIATURE POODLE Puppies
Kennel Club Accredited Breeder. Beautiful Miniature Poodle puppies....
 Poodles Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedPoodles
very nice looking Parti poodle KC reg and dna tested very good with al...
 1 bitch pup left! Dogs / Puppies For Sale / Wanted1 bitch pup left!
Chocolate brown, beautiful girl pup. vaccs, registered with KC. both p...
 Brown miniature poodles Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedBrown miniature poodles
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Paw Play - Luxury Dog Boarding/Daycare
We offer luxury dog boarding and doggie day care in a home environment. Your dog will be able to run and play surrounded by the stunning Somerset levels on our five acres of private land.
Tel: 07522 589450

New Puppy - Top Tips

1. When you first bring your new puppy home try not to overpamper it, particularly on the first night. Don\'t go rushing in every time he whimpers or whines. If you do, your puppy will think that crying brings attention.

2. Remember bonding with your puppy the first couple days are very important. Just play around and get to know each other well.

3. Puppies have to go to the toilet a lot more often than adult dogs so make frequent trips outside. Also, when going outdoors, go to a particular area of your garden and wait for the puppy to do his "business" before playing in other spots. This will help in general housebreaking and also make cleaning up a lot easier.

4. Always remain outside with your puppy until it does its business. Stay alongside him/her, and be sure to praise it when it eliminates. You may even want to occasionally give a small treat.

5. If you notice your puppy starting to eliminate indoors, make a quick, loud sound to interrupt it, and then take it outside. Remember, no scolding or rebuking.

6. When your puppy messes indoors make sure you clean the spot as thoroughly as possible. A thorough cleaning is important because it will help reduce the chance of the puppy using the same spot in the future.

7. As frequently as possible, and particularly if your puppy is not completely housebroken, clean up puppy poo while it is still fresh. This provides the opportunity to check for parasites or possible foreign materials. If you notice these, blood, mucous or an extremely foul odour, take your puppy and a stool sample to the vets as soon as possible.

8. When you are training your puppy, make sure there aren\'t any distractions such as a lot of people or other animals around. It will make it difficult for your puppy to focus.

9. If your puppy is at least 8 weeks old you may want to consider beginning crate training at this time. The crate should be large enough for the puppy to turn around in, but not so large that it can make a separate spot in a corner to do its business.

10. Put an article of your clothing in the crate with him. Your scent should help relax him and make him feel more comfortable.

11. Teach your dog as many specific commands for as many independent situations as possible. Your dog can remember a lot of words and both your lives will be considerably easier the more often your dog truly understands exactly what you expect from him.

12. Avoid overly general commands like "no" as often as you can. It\'s difficult for your dog to understand what you want from them when you use this type of general terminology. The dog just understands that you are displeased and can have huge misconceptions as to why you are actually upset.

13. Puppies are sensitive to your emotions. If you are upset or having a bad day, do not introduce new commands or objects. For example, if you\'ve had a bad day at the office and start introducing your puppy to loud noises, the pup may easily interpret the stress emanating from you to mean that loud equates to scary. Wait until you are in "neutral" and can be patient and encouraging.

14. Make sure you congratulate your puppy and praise him for doing good but correct him when he messes up. Make sure that he feels praise and gets treats for his good behaviour.

15. Dogs can be uncomfortable with a limitless range of different situations. Forcing your dog into a situation they aren\'t comfortable with can lead to fearful aggression, growling and even serious attacks.

16. Training a puppy takes a lot of time and constant repetition. You may have to say and do something consistently for a very long time before your puppy catches on.

17. Puppies learn better when you don\'t try to teach too much at one time. Make the sessions short and always end on a good note. Make sure the training is fun for the puppy and he will learn faster and will be more eager to please. If the pup is having difficulty with one exercise, end on a good note and try again another day.

18. Make sure all household members agree on the rules for the new puppy. From the minute your puppy joins the family, everyone should be using the same command, enforcing the same boundaries and rewarding positive behaviour. If one person allows the dog on the sofa and another reprimands the animal for this behaviour you will confuse the dog and can even teach him to manipulate and take advantage of certain family members.

19. Be careful what you do around your puppy. Digging up weeds from your flower bed may be a chore for you but your puppy may find it\'s a great way to learn about digging holes.

20. Feed your puppy the same kind of food every day. Unlike humans, a dog\'s digestive system cannot handle changes in food. It can cause an upset stomach.

21. When switching to a new food, gradually get him used to the new food by mixing portions of both foods until you slowly phase the old food out. Your puppy may experience tummy problems if his food is suddenly changed.

22. Don\'t be alarmed if your puppy\'s appetite changes. It is normal for your puppy to lose his appetite or experience digestive upset occasionally. If your puppy\'s upset stomach becomes severe or last longer than a day or two, contact your vet.

23. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors you will need to keep on top of deworming them. This is as easy as giving them a pill to eat, or sprinkling some liquid on their food. This can be picked up at your local pet shop.

24. Wash your dogs ears ever week, or even more often. Keeping his ears clean will prevent ear infections, ear mites and a host of other potential problems.

25. If your puppy exhibits periodic behaviours or symptoms, begin a diary. List the day, time, symptom, what happened a few days before, etc. From skipping meals to occasional scratching, your diary can provide important information and clues to your vet.

26. Keep your puppy occupied. A bored dog can be a destructive dog. Toys are important to stimulate a puppy\'s brain activity. Choose items that won\'t confuse your puppy. Chew toys that look like shoes are not a good idea!

27. A well-exercised and worn out puppy is one less likely to get into trouble. Take lots of walks, and let your dog see the world. When you\'re ready for bed, your puppy will be too and that helps everyone sleep.

28. Puppies are little balls of energy. However, they also need plenty of rest. Don\'t set your expectations too high. Let your puppy have plenty of "down time".

29. Children and puppies can be the best of friends or the dog can learn to hate children. Supervise your children when they play with your puppy. Ensure your children never tease or torment the pup. When the puppy has had enough play, give it space and a quiet place to sleep.

30. Just remember that your dog doesn\'t think like you, they have different behavioural patterns and instincts. You may very well be training your dog not to do something that they are instinctively programmed to do like jumping, barking and digging.

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