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Affenpinschers (50)
Akitas (79)
Alaskan Malamutes (39)
Australian Shepherds (6)
Basenjis (1)
Basset Hounds (55)
Beagles (100)
Bearded Collies (9)
Bedlington Terriers (29)
Belgian Shepherd Dogs - Groenendael (2)
Belgian Shepherd Dogs - Malinois (3)
Bernese Mountain Dogs (3)
Bichon Frises (124)
Bloodhounds (2)
Bologneses (6)
Border Collies (194)
Border Terriers (69)
Boston Terriers (34)
Boxers (116)
Briards (2)
Brittanys (11)
Bull Terriers (117)
Bull Terriers - Miniature (1)
Bulldogs (192)
Bullmastiffs (15)
Cairn Terriers (18)
Caucasian Ovcharkas (2)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (209)
Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (3)
Chihuahuas - Long Coat (49)
Chihuahuas - Smooth Coat (152)
Chinese Cresteds (16)
Chow Chows (2)
Cocadors (19)
Collies - Rough (10)
Collies - Smooth (8)
Coton De Tulears (2)
Dachshunds - Long-Haired (7)
Dachshunds - Miniature Long-Haired (18)
Dachshunds - Miniature Smooth-Haired (45)
Dachshunds - Miniature Wire-Haired (1)
Dachshunds - Smooth-Haired (29)
Dachshunds - Wire-Haired (10)
Dalmatians (60)
Dobermanns (24)
Dogue de Bordeauxs (76)
English Toy Terriers - Black and Tan (1)
Fox Terriers - Wire (10)
French Bulldogs (23)
German Longhaired Pointers (1)
German Shepherd Dogs - Alsatians (285)
German Shorthaired Pointers (33)
German Spitzs - Klein (3)
German Wirehaired Pointers (6)
Giant Schnauzers (1)
Gordon Setters (1)
Great Danes (12)
Griffon Bruxellois (4)
Havaneses (3)
Hungarian Vizslas (10)
Hungarian Wire Haired Vizslas (1)
Irish Setters (2)
Irish Staffords (3)
Irish Terriers (2)
Irish Wolfhounds (2)
Italian Spinones (1)
Jack Russell Terriers (362)
Jack-A-Doodles (4)
Jackaliers (2)
Japanese Akita Inus (2)
Japanese Shiba Inus (2)
Kerry Blue Terriers (3)
King Charles Spaniels (4)
Korthals Griffons (3)
Labradoodles (152)
Lakeland Terriers (21)
Lancashire Heelers (1)
Leonbergers (1)
Lhasa Apsos (82)
Lurchers (74)
Malteses (88)
Manchester Terriers (1)
Mastiffs (9)
Miniature Pinschers (6)
Miniature Schnauzers (69)
Neapolitan Mastiffs (1)
Newfoundlands (6)
Norfolk Terriers (7)
Northern Inuits (7)
Norwegian Elkhounds (1)
Norwich Terriers (1)
Old English Sheepdogs (3)
Other Breeds (9)
Papillons (6)
Parson Russell Terriers (4)
Patterdale Terriers (60)
Pekingeses (11)
Pit Bulls (28)
Plummer Terriers (9)
Pointers (11)
Pomeranians (64)
Poodles - Miniature (33)
Poodles - Standard (20)
Poodles - Toy (65)
Presa Canarios (3)
Puggles (17)
Pugs (174)
Pyrenean Mountain Dogs (5)
Retrievers - Flat Coated (4)
Retrievers - Golden (57)
Retrievers - Labrador (399)
Retrievers - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling (2)
Rhodesian Ridgebacks (12)
Rottweilers (68)
Salukis (5)
Samoyeds (2)
Schnauzers (29)
Scottish Terriers (24)
Shar-Peis (116)
Shetland Sheepdogs (9)
Shih Tzus (299)
Shugs (1)
Siberian Huskies (118)
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers (1)
Spaniels - American Cocker (5)
Spaniels - Clumber (6)
Spaniels - Cocker (510)
Spaniels - English Springer (225)
Spaniels - Field (3)
Spaniels - Sprocker (43)
Spaniels - Welsh Springer (1)
Springerdors (5)
St. Bernards (11)
Staffordshire Bull Terriers (213)
Tibetan Terriers (19)
Weimaraners (40)
Welsh Corgis - Pembroke (3)
Welsh Terriers (1)
West Highland White Terriers (97)
Whippets (83)
Yorkipoos (2)
Yorkshire Terriers (239)

 Latest Dog / Puppy Adverts - For Sale or Wanted in Shropshire  
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 Beautiful Quality Pugs Kc Reg  Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedBeautiful Quality Pugs Kc Reg
Perfect litter of kc reg pugs. Five generation pedigree certificat...
 Chocolate ,rare Miniature Purebred Jack Russell. Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedChocolate ,rare Miniature Purebred Jack Russell.
Orders for our pups or SIRED PUPPIES to VISITING GIRLFRIENDS £300 TO...
 Beautiful,strong,cheeky Border Collie Pups Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedBeautiful,strong,cheeky Border Collie Pups
Beautifully marked traditional farm bred border collie pups, very pla...
 Kc Registered Lhasa Apso Puppies For Sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedKc Registered Lhasa Apso Puppies For Sale
We have 6 beautiful little Lhasa Apso babies availible. Both parents ...
 Cocker Spaniel pups Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedCocker Spaniel pups
............One beautiful little black and white girl is still patient...
 Shar pei puppies for sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedShar pei puppies for sale
Hi, I have 5 Shar pei puppies for sale, 3 boys and 2 girls. Al...
 Sprocker Puppies For Sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedSprocker Puppies For Sale
2 boys left.All legally docked with papers. Will be wormed up to date...
 Jack Russel Rough Coat Bitch Pups Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedJack Russel Rough Coat Bitch Pups
Brand new TRICOLOUR beautifully marked rough /broken coated TRADIT...
 Beautiful F1 Standard Labradoodle Puppies For Sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedBeautiful F1 Standard Labradoodle Puppies For Sale
Gorgeous litter of labradoodles 2 girls 1 boy left. black with some s...
 Beautyful Quality Jack Russell Little Boy  Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedBeautyful Quality Jack Russell Little Boy
 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Wanted Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedCavalier King Charles Spaniel Wanted
Hello, I am looking for a Blenheim or tri coloured cavalier King C...
 Stunning Golden Retriever Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedStunning Golden Retriever
 Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedCocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale
I have 2 cocker spaniel puppies for sale!they are all boys!they are a...
 Cavalier King Charles Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedCavalier King Charles
we have puppies ready for new homes .we have all the colours .they ha...
 Yorkypoo Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedYorkypoo Puppies
We have 2 yorkypoo boys they are black lovely puppies fully wo...
 Excellent Quality Border Collie Pups For Sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedExcellent Quality Border Collie Pups For Sale
Call only please emails/texts wont be answered any more. Th...
 Excellent Quality Border Collie Pups For Sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedExcellent Quality Border Collie Pups For Sale
All these pups are A1 quality although not pefigree a cut above mo...
 Adorable Cockapoo Puppies!! Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedAdorable Cockapoo Puppies!!
Quality puppies ready for there new homes, all puppies have re...
 Shih Tzu Pups For Sale Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedShih Tzu Pups For Sale
Stunning litter of Shih tzus for sale, come with ful kennel cl...
 8 Kc Registered Labrador Retriever Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / Wanted8 Kc Registered Labrador Retriever Puppies
8 beautiful lovely and lively Labrador retriever puppies ideal...
 Shih Tzu X Mini Long Haired Dacsund ( Sausage Dog Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedShih Tzu X Mini Long Haired Dacsund ( Sausage Dog
Shih tzu x mini long haired dacsund ( sausage dog ) these l...
 Gorgeous F1 Miniature Cockapoo Puppies Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedGorgeous F1 Miniature Cockapoo Puppies
 Ready Now Kc Reg Beautiful Male Beagle Puppy Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedReady Now Kc Reg Beautiful Male Beagle Puppy
1 Beautiful KC Reg Male puppy We are Beagle lovers and ...
 Shih Tzu pups FOR SALE Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedShih Tzu pups FOR SALE
SHIH TZU PUPS FOR SALE 2 boys both black and white 1 girl br...
 Rare Chocolate(pure Quality Mini Russell Terriers) Dogs / Puppies For Sale / WantedRare Chocolate(pure Quality Mini Russell Terriers)
 Ads 1 to 25 of 54    
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Paw Play - Luxury Dog Boarding/Daycare
We offer luxury dog boarding and doggie day care in a home environment. Your dog will be able to run and play surrounded by the stunning Somerset levels on our five acres of private land.
Tel: 07522 589450

Pet Insurance - Top Tips

1. The starting point for comparing any pet insurance policy is to look at what the monthly or annual premium is. You should start by deciding how much you want to spend each month on a policy. Then look for policies that have premiums in this price range.

2. Get quotes from reputable companies. This will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. With a number of quotes, you are able to compare the plans side by side and determine which plans fit your budget, as well as your pet's needs.

3. Look deeper than the agency you are purchasing the pet insurance from. Look at the underwriter who underwrites the policies and see what their "Best Rating" is as this will give you an idea of their financial stability. Choose a stable company. The business of pet insurance has been around for over 25 years. The strength of the company will depend on how long they have been providing pet care insurance.

4. Every pet insurer is obviously going to tell you its products are the best. What you really want to know is what their current customers say. Search the web for reviews and find out things like how fast they pay out on claims, their high denial rate, and a host of other information. Also, focus on the negative reviews as every pet insurer will have at least some. What are the broad themes of the complaints? How were customers treated? Is the complaint about something very specific to that person or common among other complaints? The answers to those questions will help you get a feel for what you can expect as a policyholder of that company.

5. Have a chat with your vet to ask what pet insurance they would recommend specifically for your pet. Your veterinarian will have had some experience dealing with insurance companies and what will best fit the needs of your pet.

6. Plans that pay a percentage of the actual veterinary bill are easier for you to understand because the calculation method is nice and clear. It is a simple process to easily calculate your repayment before you send the claim in.

7. Are there limits per condition? Often pet insurance companies set maximum amounts that may be reimbursed per condition or medical event. It is important to know what those limits are and also, if there are annual limits for total care or you could find yourself with inadequate coverage when you need it most.

8. Find out how they pay out claims. Do you pay first and then submit to the insurance company for reimbursement, or do the insurance company pay directly?

9. Some policy providers do not offer coverage for routine care. A plan with this coverage will cater for everyday vet expenses like vaccinations and teeth cleanings.

10. Some pet insurance providers offer larger discounts but as a condition require you to use vets from a particular network. This could prove problematic of you later move, or if you don't currently live close to one of the networked vets. A further issue can arise if your dog has an our of hours emergency.

11. Is your pet microchipped? Are they spayed or neutered? Do you belong to an organisation that has a discount with a pet insurance company? Are you in the military? Always ask because you never know what discounts you can get. Some companies give you a discount for paying your year's premium upfront. If you have more than one pet, inquire your insurer if they offer a multiple-pet discount.

12. Some companies have per-incident limit that are also lifetime limits. Once they are reached, you will receive no more repayment for that condition at all for the rest of your pet's life.

13. Consider your pet's age and breed. These are important factors that will have a big impact on your insurance plan. Some pet insurance plans exclude medical treatments on specific illnesses for specific breeds. In addition, an older pet will also mean higher insurance premiums as well as some difficulty in obtaining coverage.

14. Review any age boundary for coverage. Some insurers begin coverage straight away while others require that the pet be eight weeks old. Some do not cover pets over 8 years old, while others have no age limit.

15. Find out whether your breed is predisposed to certain conditions. Then find out if the pet insurance covers those conditions and what amount of coverage they provide. The surgery and treatment options for certain genetic conditions can be very expensive and only a few pet insurance plans cover them. Make sure the plan you choose covers your particular dog.

16. Many pet insurance policies have pre-existing conditions clauses. If your pet is currently sick or has been sick in the last six months this may prevent you from getting a policy or increase the amount of money you have to pay. Look for a policy that is the least restrictive on pre-existing conditions.

17. Are certain conditions excluded permanently or temporarily? Some plans exclude all pre-existing conditions while others differentiate between pre-existing conditions that are "curable" and "incurable" so that you may get coverage in the future for curable conditions.

18. You must be sure that the pet care insurance will be ready for use upon the effective date from its approval and issue. Try to avoid plans that will make you wait a certain time before you can start using the policy that you have already paid for.

19. Exclusions are a list of the conditions not covered under your pet insurance policy. You must read this list very carefully because once you have accepted the policy and if your pet has a condition that comes within the list of exclusions, then there's no chance that you can ever recover a claim from your pet insurance company for that condition.

20. You want the most amount of coverage for the lowest premium. Obviously the more coverage you have the better but it will be more expensive. It is good to have basic accident coverage, but buying a comprehensive pet policy that also includes vaccinations might not be worth the money.

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